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What if the father of my baby isn’t excited?

Your ideal situation for a pregnancy might sound something like this: “I feel ready, our parents are excited, and my partner and I are so in love – we can’t wait to meet this baby!”. Unfortunately, pregnancies don’t only occur in perfect circumstances. Maybe you just met your partner, or maybe you’re afraid to tell him you’re pregnant. […]

3 Questions To Ask About Abortions

Are you pregnant, or think you might be? If so, your next step is to determine the choices you have for you and your baby, as well as how you should proceed. You have options, and abortion is one of those. To determine if an abortion is the right choice for you, first know the […]

Can I Be Pregnant If We Didn’t Have Sex?

This may seem like an odd question to some, but to others, it is a real worry. The reason we want to talk about it is simply because this question comes up a lot. So, don’t feel bad for wanting to know! Young girls who have recently gone through puberty, or those who grew up […]

Your Questions Answered: Common Concerns of Pregnancy

Many women who are pregnant for the first time are surprised by the variety of ways that their body starts changing, long before the baby begins to “show.” This is totally normal! We’ve tackled some of the most commonly asked pregnancy concerns and questions below.   Q: I’m SO TIRED! What can I do to […]

What is the Morning-After Pill?

The morning-after pill is also called “Plan B”. It is intended to be a birth control pill that prevents pregnancy after unprotected sex has already taken place. Because women are supposed to take it the day after, this has given it the nick-name “morning-after pill”. This is not the same as RU-486. That is a […]