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Why an Ultrasound is Crucial When Considering Abortion

A pregnancy test result is based upon hormone levels, but a positive pregnancy test is best confirmed by ultrasound. An ultrasound, or sonogram, uses sound waves to generate a picture of a baby inside the womb. The ultrasounds provided at The HOPE Center are used to:
•    Confirm the pregnancy
•    Make sure the pregnancy looks viable, and that you have not had a miscarriage
•    Check how far along you are in your pregnancy
•    Make sure the pregnancy is not ectopic, or growing outside of the uterus
•    Check to see if you are pregnant with multiples – as in twins, triplets, etc.

All of the things an ultrasound is used to determine are very important to confirm or check on before proceeding with an abortion.
•    Confirm a pregnancy: You do not need to go through the process of making a decision to continue or to abort your pregnancy if you are not actually pregnant.
•    To make sure the pregnancy looks viable: Miscarriage is extremely common in the first trimester, and causes the pregnancy to end on its own. Some women do not know they have had a miscarriage until it is seen on an ultrasound.  You will not need an abortion to end a pregnancy if your body has miscarried the pregnancy, though you will need follow-up care with your doctor.
•    To check how far along you are in your pregnancy: How far along you are in your pregnancy will affect the type of abortion procedure that would be used to end your pregnancy.
•    To make sure the pregnancy is not ectopic, or growing outside of the uterus: An ectopic pregnancy is not viable, meaning that it cannot survive. This is a life threatening condition that must be treated with medication or removed with surgery. It would be very dangerous to have an abortion without first having an ultrasound to screen for ectopic pregnancy.
•    To check to see if you are pregnant with multiples: If you happen to be pregnant with more than one baby, this could affect the type of abortion you’re able to receive.

The HOPE Center offers free ultrasounds. You owe it to yourself to confirm a positive pregnancy test result and to know all of your options related to your pregnancy. Confirm your pregnancy at no cost to you by making an appointment with us.




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