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Yes, You Do Have Choices!

If you are pregnant, you have three choices that you can choose between: Abortion, Adoption, or Parenting. We are here to help you make the best choice for you. Because this is one of the biggest decisions that women will ever make, we are here to support you! Call The HOPE Center today for FREE testing, guidance and hope!


Are you considering an abortion?  Take the time to know all the facts.  You owe it to yourself to make an informed decision about your future.

  • An abortion is often a surgical procedure.
  • There are risks and/or possible side effects.

Your fear for the future may include:

“The baby’s father won’t be involved.”

“I can’t tell anyone about this pregnancy.”

“I don’t want to be a mother.”

All of these fears raise good questions.  Many women on our team have been in this position, and are here to help guide you with your decisions.

Before you go any further, you need to find out if you are really pregnant.  We offer FREE pregnancy testing at The HOPE Center.

Find out what you need to know…

  • Do you have a normal pregnancy?
  • Do you have a tubal pregnancy that will need immediate medical attention?
  • Are you at risk for a natural miscarriage?
  • How many weeks along is your pregnancy?

If you are considering an abortion…

  • Find out what type of abortions are an option
  • Find out what rights you have to request one, if you are under 18
  • Find out your risks: long term and short term

Let us help you make an informed decision.  We can discuss your choices with you, help you make a plan, and assist with pregnancy tests, sonograms and more.

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Adoption opens the door to even more choices for you.  You can decide if you want a closed or open adoption, or if you want to use an agency.  The adoptions of today do not have the restrictions that they once did.  You can be involved in your child’s life if you choose to be.  As the parent, you have many choices that are available to you.   You can choose the family that you want for your child.

Women that consider adoption may feel:

  • They aren’t ready to be a parent, but don’t want to have an abortion
  • They want their child to have a two-parent family
  • They want financial and emotional stability for their child

We can help you understand the choices you have with adoption.  We are here to help you with whatever your choices are.

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You may be worried about being a parent at this point in your life.  This is completely understandable.  No matter what age you are, being a parent is a life-changing responsibility that requires preparation.

Common concerns you may have are…

  • I want the baby, but my boyfriend doesn’t.
  • He wants the baby, but I do not.
  • I’m too young to have a baby.
  • I’m afraid to tell my family I’m pregnant.
  • Will I be able to finish school if I am pregnant?
  • I won’t be able to work if I am pregnant.
  • I will need a place to live if I keep the baby.
  • I don’t have medical insurance to cover the costs.
  • I can’t afford to raise a child.

All of these questions can be discussed at The HOPE Center.  We are here to help you make a plan that considers all of your questions!  We also offer programs that provide material support and parenting education.  It helps to have someone to talk to who has been there and knows what you are going through.

Call 770.924.0864 to make your appointment.