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So you think
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For Men

For Men

Do You Think She’s Really Pregnant?

  • She needs you to be supportive and listen.
  • It’s OK to be scared. Talk about your options with each other.
  • There are resources to help both of you, here at The HOPE Center.
  • The decisions you make now will always be with you.
  • Don’t decide too quick…seek help before you choose.

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An unplanned pregnancy can leave you feeling like your world has been turned upside down. If you are a young man expecting a child you weren’t planning on, there are a wave of questions and emotions you are more than likely experiencing.

High school and college years are usually filled with friends, fun and plans for the future. You may be thinking about your grades, what college to attend, athletics, or what you are going to do over your summer vacation. A pregnancy, though, will change all of that. You will no longer be able to just think about yourself. In addition to maintaining your grades, serious thought must be given to what the future will hold for you, the expectant mother, and your child.

A top priority for any man in this situation must be the health, emotions and well-being of your partner. She will have the same questions and fears that you do. She will need you to be there for her.

The HOPE Center offers free resources to help! In addition to offering many services, The HOPE Center’s staff is trained to answer questions and help guide you while making these tough decisions.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Listen

    She will want to talk about what she is feeling.

  • Remain Calm

    Even if you’re scared, offer your support at all times.

  • Share Your Feelings

    It’s OK to express your emotions.

  • Gather All The Facts

    You both have options for the future.

There are also some things you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t Take Off

    If you disappear, she is going to feel abandoned and alone.

  • Avoid Pressuring Her

    Whatever decision is made, you need to make it together.

  • Don’t Forget

    You are an equal part of this situation.

Everyone is sure to have an opinion on what you should do. This includes both family members and friends. You may even feel pressure to make one decision over another. Ultimately, you and your partner will have to decide what is best. The decisions you make now will be for you both, for the rest of your lives.

Call The HOPE Center for FREE pregnancy testing, confidential results and information that can help you make a decision: Call Us: 770.924.0864 OR Text Us: 770.214.4317