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If you are a young woman who is still in school, we know how life-changing an unplanned pregnancy can be. You have options that are available to you!

Students don’t have a lot of extra money, which is why we provide free pregnancy testing and other services for students.

Resources for Students:

  • Free Pregnancy Testing
  • Fast, no-wait service
  • Confidential results
  • Earn While You Learn program
  • Assistance with pregnancy related expenses

We know that your education is important, we want you to finish school. We’ll help you work through the challenges of an unexpected pregnancy.  At The HOPE Center, you will find information on parenting, adoption, and abortion to help you determine the right choice for you.

The HOPE Center is here to help you make those big decisions.  By coming to The HOPE Center, you can receive FREE pregnancy testing, confidential results, and trained personnel to help you with your choices.

In addition to free pregnancy testing, The HOPE Center’s exclusive Earn While You Learn program can help you pay for pregnancy related expenses, including baby supplies.

“I was faced with an unplanned pregnancy when I was just 17.  I was so upset and confused!  I chose to go to The HOPE Center to get a free pregnancy test.  I didn’t want to tell my parents unless I was sure I knew the result.  The HOPE Center made it easier for me to know what steps to take.  They helped me make plans by showing me my options.  I was glad I didn’t have to be alone at that time in my life!  It made a huge difference!  Thank you HOPE Center!”

If you are concerned about how you can afford to stay in school, how to talk with your parents, or any other challenge with an unplanned pregnancy, come to The HOPE Center and speak with one of our caring, expert staff members about your choices. We can help you make an informed decision and provide support services.

Call The HOPE Center for FREE pregnancy testing, confidential results and information that can help you make a decision: Call Us: 770-924-0864 OR Text Us: 770.214.4317

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Kennesaw State University ( Kennesaw Campus )

Kennesaw State University ( Marietta Campus )

Reinhardt University

Chattahoochee Tech  ( Marietta Campus )