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Reasons Why Adoption Could Be the Choice for You

Many women who face an unexpected pregnancy struggle with the decision of whether to keep their baby. The question “what is the right decision for me?” is one that comes up almost daily in our clinic. No one can make this decision for you, but it’s important to understand the full extent of each of your choices.

Abortion and parenting aren’t your only two options when facing an unexpected pregnancy. If you’re having feelings of second thoughts, adoption may be the decision you make.

If adoption is something you’re considering, then you may have already made some important decisions:

  • You know you aren’t ready to be a parent yet.
  • You want financial and emotional stability for your child.
  • You imagine your child growing up in a two-parent family.

adoption is a great option for unwanted pregnancy

What to Consider

  • Cost – Adoption is a free option; some women may even receive financial assistance to cover medical expenses, food and more.
  • Privacy- It is possible to have a closed adoption, meaning your information will remain confidential.
  • Looking to the Future – Adoption is a choice that allows you to achieve the long-term goals you’ve set for your life without interruption, while positively impacting the lives of another family. By choosing adoption, you are giving the gift of a happy childhood to your baby. Parents who adopt children have often dreamed of having a family for years, and are financially and emotionally prepared themselves to provide a loving home.
  • Options –There are different types of adoptions. If you think you may want to follow your child’s growth and development, you can choose an open adoption where you and the child’s adoptive parents maintain open communication through the years.
  • Time – Choosing to consider adoption gives you time to make your decision. There is no deadline or pressure on this choice. You have your entire pregnancy and even afterward to choose adoption.  You have time to explore all of your options and your legal rights, and make a decision that is could be right for you and for your baby.

By choosing adoption, you are giving the gift of life to your baby. Parents who adopt have often dreamed of having a family for years, and are financially and emotionally prepared to provide a loving home. If you have questions, or simply want to talk with someone who will listen and provide guidance no matter what path you’re leaning towards, The HOPE Center is here for you. We can help you understand the choices you have and will support you no matter your decision. Contact us today.

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    Anna Muller - Nurse Manager

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